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in deutschInstalling a tillerpilot

Autohelm / Raytheon / Raymarine ST 1000 Plus and ST 2000 Plus

For the optimum use of the unit the following instructions should be followed. 
Attention : The instructions can change. Please read the manual carefully.

1. The distance between the autopilot and the antenna cables should be at least 1 m, with strong transmitters 2 m are recommended. So there can´t be any interferences of the electronics.

2. The distance from the mounting socket to the tiller pin is 589 mm. If the distance is bigger,  pushrod extensions can be mounted. The tiller pilot has to be mounted horizontally.

right angle to the side

3. The distance from the rudder stock´s center line to the tiller pin should be 460 mm .

vertical rudder axis
installation when the rudder axis is vertical
tilted rudder axis
installation measurements when the rudder axis is tilted

4. A 6 mm pin is to be glued in the wooden tiller and a 12,5 mm socket is to be glued in the cockpit sidewall. If the rudder is higher than the coaming of the cockpit , a bracketcan be screwed under the tiller.

installing mountings 

mounting pushrod extensions
mounting a pushrod extension

Tiller bracket
Tiller bracket for horizontal installation

5. Then the socket has to be mounted in an impact resistant place of the cockpit area. In the simplest case only +12V (Pin 1) and earth (Pin 2) have to be connected. The power circuit should be secured with 12 A .

The cabling
The cabling

mounting a socket
The mounting of the socket (21mm inside and four 2,5mm holes outside)

Installing a tiller pilot

Autohelm ST1000 Plus, ST2000 Plus
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