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in deutschMounting the wheel pilot ST 4000 MK II

Autohelm / Raytheon / Raymarine ST 4000 MK II

To ensure optimum performance of the wheel pilot please read the following instructions. 
Attention : The defaults can change. Please follow the manual carefully.

The installation is simple and you can do it yourself.

1. Mounting the display

Install the display where it is easy to reach. The front cover is waterproof. The back cover with its electrical connections must be protected from water. An optimum place would be e.g. the bulkhead beside the companionway or the  coaming compartment in the cockpit. Please allow at least a distance of 6mm to adjacent instruments, so you can fit their sun covers.
The inner circle should be round and about 90 mm in diameter. Now you need two  5 mm in diameter holes for the fixing studs. Stick the self adhesive gasket into position und hand-tighten the thumb nuts.

You must fit a 12 A fuse to the 12 V power supply.

2. Mounting the compass sensor

The compass is primarily designed for below deck, bulkhead mounting. On steel-hulled boats you must mount it above deck (e.g.the mast) 
To achieve the best performance from the compass mount it:
- away from the front third of the boat
- at least 1m away from the boat´s steering compass to prevent deviation of either compass
- away from potential sources of magnetic interference, such as: Motor, loudspeakers, large ferrous objects (keel, gas bottles, engine ..), electric cables, starters, alternators, motors, drive units...

Recommended location for non-steel hulls

On steel-hulled boats the compass must be mounted at least 1,2 m above the steel deck or the wheelhouse.

You have to mount the compass on a vertical bulkhead in every direction,with the cables exiting at the base.

Connect the cable to the control unit

3. Mounting the control unit
Remove the protective sheet

Hold the drive to the spokes with the arrow at the top. So you can see which spokes you need. The wheel drive will fit 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ot 8 spoke wheels.

Now you can drill the spoke clamp holes.

Secure the wheel drive to the wheel and fit the cover back onto the wheel drive. Now you can fit the ring from behind to the spokes with the spoke clamps. The inserts are suitable for 12mm and 16mm diameter spokes.

Fit the wheel onto the pedestal with the pedestal bracket and cut this into lenght.
For rectangular pedestals a flat bracket is available.

Connect the steering cable to the motor.

Route the cable to the control unit.

Connect the cable.

Now you have mounted the ST 4000 MK II wheel pilot.
Mounting the wheel pilot ST 4000 MK II

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