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in deutschInstalling a Simrad Tiller pilot

Simrad TP 10, TP 20 and TP 30

To ensure optimum performance of the wheel pilot please read the following instructions. 
Attention :  the defaults can change. Please follow the manual carefully. 

1. The distance from the tiller pilot to the antenna cables should be at least 1 m, in case of strong transmitters increase the distance to 2 m.

2. The autopilot measures  595 mm between the two pivots at midstroke position. If you need a bigger distance extensions can be mounted. The equipment should be mounted horizontally.

right angled distance to the side

3. The distance from the rudder stocks centre line to the tiller pin should be 466 mm.

vertical rudder axis
Installation with a vertical rudder axis

4. A tiller pin has to be glued into the wooden tiller and a 12,5 mm socket has to be glued into the cockpit sidewall. If the tiller is higher than the coamig of the cockpit you can use a  tiller bracket .

mounting brackets (included in delivery)

mounting optional extensions

optional tiller bracket for horizontal mount

optional socket mounting

optional cantilever mounting

Installing a Simrad tiller pilot

Simrad tiller pilots

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