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in deutschAIS - Automatic Identification System 

AIS is the abbreviation of Automatic Identification System. It has originally been developed to support the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). The VTS is a traffic control centre, that watches and advises the vessel traffic from the coast, to increase the safety on the water. It uses an VHF channel and is in use in all important coastal areas. 

The IMO (International Maritime Organisation of the UNO for maritime affairs) now has developed an universal Automatic Identification System (AIS). It uses a new technology, called SOTDMA (Self-Organized Time Division Multiple Access). This divides all AIS-Box data within radio range in a chronological sequence and transmits them on the same channel. 

The system works with three different methods: 
- permanent operation in all areas
- in intervals, watched by an office for traffic control
- on call from a ship or an office

The channels 87B and 88B are used as local AIS frequencies, expecially set up for AIS communication. 

AIS system

The AIS uses an own GPS receiver and a DSC capable transceiver with two seperate antennas. It communicates with the AIS receivers of all ships in radio coverage. The following data are exchanged: 

Static data:
- MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity)
- IMO Number (when existing)
- Identification and name of ship
- Lenght and width
- Type of ship
- Position of the GPS antenna on board 

Dynamic data:
- Position with possible deviation
- UTC world time
- Course over ground
- Speed over Ground
- Heading
- Rate of turn
- Data transfer speed

Journey data:
- Draught
- Dangerous goods
- Destination and estimated arrival time

Possibility to send short messages for safety reasons.

With these data, skippers or traffic centers can locate and identify other ships in the area exactly. They provide you with more detailed data than the ones you get on a conventional radar display.

For the first time it is possible to use the AIS system on a sports boat. So the yachtsman has the possibility to get exact information about the professional ship traffic in his range, to increase his own safety. For yachts we offer the  Nasa AIS receiver, the Easy AIS. and the antenna splitter.

AIS receiver wit display
Nasa AIS Radar

AIS Blackbox receiver
Nasa AIS Blackbox
Easy AIS

AIS compatible chartplotter:
You need a receiver extra
Raymarine C-Series with softwareupdate 2006
Raymarine E-Series with softwareupdate 2006
Garmin 292, 298
VDO Map 7w, Map 7wi, Map 7v with software update 6.2006

Installation parts:
vhf marine antenna
antenna splitter

Easy AIS receiver and Easy Splitter
AIS receiver for recreational use
AIS systems for professional use

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