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Shroud shooting device | water maker | DSC transceiver | Cospas Sarsat Epirb | active Radar reflector

Raymarine LifeTag MOB System
Raymarine LifeTag man over board system

For the safety of your crew

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C-Pod Yacht Management
C-Pod alarm ant tracking system

To track your yacht on the Internet or by SMS

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Simrad SART SA 50
Simrad SART SA 50

Compact radartransponder for the life raft

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EPIRB MT401 - Cospas Sarsat

affordable Cospas Sarsat EPIRB with manual release 

with flash / 406 MHz / 121 MHz

599.00 €  ArtikelNr:

ACR AquaFix
ACR AquaFix - Cospas Sarsat

compact EPIRB can also be used as PLB

with flash / 406 MHz / 121 MHz

799.00 €  ArtikelNr:

Navtec Global C plus EPIRB
Navtec Global C - Cospas Sarsat EPIRB

compact Cospas Sarsat EPIRB with hydrostatic release

with flash / 406 MHz

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Shootit 12 Shroud shooting device
Shootit 12 - Shroud shooting device

Cuts shrouds and stays up to 12mm .                      ONE HAND TOOL!

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Water maker PS40E
Water maker Pur Power Survivor PS40E

Desalinator for offshore sailors - Independence on a large trip

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Sailor A1 DSC transceiver
Sailor A1 DSC transceiver

Compacte DSC transceiver

989.00 €  ItemNo.:
Sea-Me - Active Radar reflector
Active Radar reflector

Amplifies the radar echo of the yacht. So you can always be seen.

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 MMSI / ATIS number approval in Germany

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